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What are Ionization Smoke Detectors?

Ionization Smoke detector works with the help of ions. Ionization smoke detector cannot be used without seeking the prior permission of the concerned government authority. Since ionization smoke detector calls for working under a process that may involve hazardous process lot of formalities have to be complied with before using an ionization detector.

Ionization smoke detector also has a chamber like photo electric smoke alarm. Ions are created as a result of the reaction between oxygen and nitrogen and the alpha particles produced by a Americium an important constituent of Ionization smoke detector. Electricity can pass through these icons and therefore they regulate the movement of electric power within these electrodes. If smoke enters the chamber the flow of electricity is disturbed as the alpha is engulfed by large smoke. Finally the alarm gets triggered and you can take necessary measures to save your life and the lives of your loved ones apart from property.

The Smoke / Heat Detectors offered by us are known for their accurate design and long life. These are used to sense and warn about fire hazards in case fire is detected on the premises where they are installed. These are very carefully designed to meet the exact requirements of our client and meet international quality standards.

The HEAT DETECTORS are round and have an half-white aluminum cover that are roughly 7 inches in diameter and 3 inches in height with a round, brass-colored metal disk at the center of the cover. They are intended especially to supplement smoke detectors to warn of fire. The mechanical heat detectors do not use electricity or batteries for its working. Automatic or wireless heat detectors detect the growing fire by using electronic sensors to detect the smoke, heat, or flames from a fire and providing an early warning.

Each type of heat detector has its own features, styles and advantages. If you were to place a ROR or rate-of-rise heat detector above a large, closed oven, then every time the door is opened a nuisance alarm could be generated due to the sudden heat transient. In this circumstance the fixed threshold detector would probably be best. If a room is protected with a fixed temperature heat detector filled with highly combustible materials, then a fast flaming fire could exceed the alarm threshold due to thermal lag. In this case the rate-of-rise heat detector may be preferred.

Fixed temperature detectors detect abnormally high temperatures, Fusible link heat detectors use a detection element that break up at a predetermined temperature. This is usually utilized in compressor and equipment buildings and open areas around production equipment and wellheads. Pneumatic Heat sensor is a pneumatic type wireless heat detector that detects abnormally high temperature along a length of tubing. It is typically used around engines and turbines, glycol re-boilers and pressure vessels. Rate of Rise Detectors is a solid-state detector for unusually rapid temperature rise. They are usually placed in closed areas, used in storerooms, warehouses and other areas in living quarters.

WE DEALS IN BOTH CONVENTIONAL & ADDRESSABLE SMOKE CUM FIRE ALARM SYSTEM help you in Supply/Installation/Testing Commissioning & maintaining your in House System

The Detectors Available with us are:

  1. Ionization smoke detectors
  2. Photoelectric smoke detectors
  3. Fixed temperature detectors
  4. Rate-of-rise temperature Detectors
  5. Stand Alone Battery Operated